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Custom-Clean are very proud to Clean and Maintain the following :

Roof Tiles - Moss & Lichen Removal.
Both of these houses have the same concrete roof tiles, which are about 35-45 years old.
The house on the left has never had the tiles cleaned of moss & lichen.
The house on the right has had a FULL Roof Tile Clean, all moss & lichen was removed.
All gutter lines were cleaned as part of the process, and now the customer has peace of mind that no further damage can occur due to moss & lichen blocking the gutter lines.
Value was also added to the property in the process, along with the obvious "kerb" appeal.

Solar Panels - Improved Efficiency

A common site on modern housing today, Solar Panels require regular cleaning maintenance in order to keep them operating as efficiently as possible.

Custom-Clean have considerable experience in roof line access and can provide an economical, safe and efficient method of cleaning all types of Solar Panel. 

This particular job was on a house in Sandy, Beds. note the two different types of panel. Both cleaned with the water fed pole from the roof, due to the delicate nature of the panels.